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Sunday, 2 September 2012

What is Static Testing?

What is Static Testing?

1.     Analysis of the program without testing is called

a.    Static Testing
b.    Dynamic Testing
c.    White Box Testing
d.    None of these


2.     Review is a form of

a.     A Quality Control activity
b.     A Quality Assurance activity
c.     Both a) and b)
d.     None


3.     The 3 types of review techniques are

a.     Formal, Informal, Structured walkthrough
b.     Informal, Code walkthrough, Inspection
c.     Formal, Inspection, Structured walkthrough
d.     Offline, Structured Walkthrough, Inspection

4.     A review meeting is not held in the case of a

a.     Inspection
b.     Offline review
c.     Inspection and Structured walkthrough
d.     Structured walkthrough

5.     Which of the following is incorrect?

a.     Inspection helps in identifying maximum number of defects
b.     Inspection can not be applied to all artefacts of SDLC phases
c.     Structured walkthrough is generally used for code review

d.     Inspection process has seven steps to follow

6.     Which is the most effective review technique in terms of number of defects found?

a.     Structured Walkthrough
b.     Offline
c.     Inspection
d.     None

7.     The ratio of defects captured during review to the total number of defects captured during review and testing gives the metric

a.     Review Rate
b.     Defect Rate
c.     Review Efficiency
d.     Defect Density

8.     Design & requirement design issues can be:

a.    Ambiguities
b.    Incompleteness
c.    Un-testability
d.    All of the above


9.     As per Wieger which of the following is not a requirement problem:

a.   Vagueness & Ambiguity
b.   Prioritized requirement
c.   Scope Creep
d.   Incomplete requirement control process


10.   In case the requirement is not clear to you, what is the most advisable process:

a.     Exchange ideas with Tester, developer, marketing team to know various aspects of the product
b.     Talk to your manager about missing requirements/inadequate requirements
c.      Finger out the product behaviour yourself
d.      All of the above


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  1. I bought the exam papers and answer pack from this site. I highly recommend it. I passed first time round 40/40.

    Simon Bowlers

  2. The exam papers are also good for dynamic testing. I passed first time round too.

  3. Passed istqb iseb last week and got a job at interview at Capita.

  4. Majority of dumps are missing answers, including one listed above