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Sunday, 13 January 2013

ISTQB Dumps, Exam Paper 25: ISEB ISTQB Foundation Software Testing

ISTQB Question Dumps For Software Testing -  Part 6


In testing the above application you identify what you believe to be a fault – instead of printing the message concerning the type of triangle in a separate dialog box the application is printing the message in the space between the 3 text fields and the OK button. What should your next step be (answer and state why)?

a) Continue testing to the end of the script, and then report the bug.
b) Stop testing, report the bug immediately, then continue alternative scripts
c) Stop testing, report the bug and await a fix.
d) Continue testing and report the bug later, along with those found in other scripts
This is not a serious problem. The message is being printed. The best solution would be (a) or (d) – it is essential that faults be raised as soon as possible so that Development can fix them. However this is dependent on the severity and priority of the fault. This fault is not stopping any further testing on this script – it might be that other similar problems occur with other messages and this extra information might assist development with further investigation

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