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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

ISTQB Dumps, Exam Paper 28: ISEB ISTQB Foundation Software Testing

ISTQB Question Dumps For Software Testing -  Part 9


Describe the stages of testing and what the objectives are at each stage.

Component Testing
  • Lowest level of testing, detail, finding faults, performed by the developers
  • Component Integration
  • Combining components, testing interfaces, performed by developers, various types of integration (top-down, functional, bottom up and big bang). Business scenarios and non-functional aspects if possible.
System Testing (functional and non-function)
  • Testing the system as a whole. Testing requirements and business processes. Also testing non-functional aspects such as Performance, usability etc.
System Integration
  • Testing the system with other systems and networks
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Testing by users/customers to gain confidence that the system is going to support the business as well as meet their requirements.

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  1. Very useful information. I've been in the software industry for almost 10 years and this is a gem.