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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

ISTQB Dumps, Exam Paper 29: ISEB ISTQB Foundation Software Testing

ISTQB Question Dumps For Software Testing -  Part 10

You have planned to run 600 tests on your own. Each test will take approximately 10 minutes to run. Your manager has told you that you must complete these tests within one week. What would you do?

Assuming there are 7hours per working day. This task would take you:
600x10 = 6000 minutes = 100 hours = 14.286 days
There are a number of options that could be considered:
  • Work overtime (this should not be considered as a first resort)
  • Ask for more staff to help (again this may not be the best approach, particularly if you need to spend time training and mentoring the new staff)
  • Re-prioritise our tests and run the most important tests first
  • Assuming that not all the 600 tests would have been run within this time, risk assessment need to be made as to the consequences of not running the extra tests.
  • After this initial week and the system is implemented there is no reason why the extra

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  1. Junior Testers often make the mistake of working harder and longer hours, which often goes ignored and unappreciated. Don't work longer than you have to unless asked specifically to. Prioritise the most important tests and notify your Test Manager or Project Manager about the workload.