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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Importance of Testing in Software Development

Is Testing in Software Development Important?

Software testing is a process to determine the quality of the software developed by a developer or programmer. It is a methodological study intended to evaluate the quality-related information of the product. Understanding of the important features and advantages of software testing helps businesses in their day-to-day activities.

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In today's cut-throat competition it's very important for every business to perform exceptionally well. Quality is the need of the hour. Software testing basically helps to discover the defect in the software and its configuration. It helps to trace the bugs and errors in your software and recognizing the capacity and the accuracy of the system. Software Testing has many benefits. If the quality of the application is good it can last longer and in perform well in any circumstances like heavy load on your website etc. Thus, the software has to be programmed to perform in dreadful conditions too. Testing of software also helps in improving security. Software testing is a not an easy process. Everyday there are tough challenges to be faced to in the form of coding and decoding. Testing is an important phase in the process of software development which involves testing of each small module of the software program for its validity and accuracy.

Testing can be done in two ways, manual testing and automated testing. Manual software testing is done by human testers, who manually check the code and report bugs in it. In case of automated testing, testing is performed by a computer using software such as WinRunner, LoadRunner, etc. Java software development companies nowadays have mostly shifted to automated testing. The main aim of automated testing is to reduce the amount of manual work in testing software and reporting for bugs. There are various tools of software testing available on the internet. It is very important that every unit to be tested to ensure that it is performing as per the desired manner. Bugs if found at the primary level helps to make the software accurate and reliable.

Software testing has become an integral part of software product development. Importance of testing in software development life cycle is to improve consistency, performance and other important factors. It has a main role to play in debugging and error rectification. Testing is a stage that helps in knowing the difference between actual and the expected outcome which can help you to improve your product quality. Any software which is produced without any testing can be dangerous to the users. In software development lifecycle, testing is important from the technical point of view. It is very important to test the software to avoid any dangerous situations. Consistent and accurate testing helps the business and the application to create goodwill in the market. One of the main aims of testing is authentication and validation. Reliability of the software is an important factor that is determined by the testing. With help of testing in software development, any product can be transformed into a strong and consistent product.

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Author: David Frankk


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