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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Job positions in Software Testing

What are the Job Roles in Software Testing?

The End User

The simplest method to perform software testing is to run it and monitor its conduct. A lot of evident defects may be easily detected by people with nearly no special knowledge of computer software products and little technical skills.

For example usability testing may be conducted with little basic knowledge. Thus, to perform testing of some user-friendly, "plug-and-play" software products, beginner users are usually asked to use the software products. Their behavior and complexities in using are observed and related data is recorded for usability estimation and betterment.

In this case, the testing involves the actual beginner users as software testers, but it may also involve skilled testers who observe and record the testing data. If we are talking about automated data recording, the part of the skilled software tester in this case can be eliminated.

Professional Testers

Well, a lot of people have the erroneous comprehension that software testing is very "easy", and anyone can conduct it. Such misunderstanding also leads to different troubles in software management, where not very experienced people are assigned to testing teams.
Anyway this trouble can be fixed by a well knowledge, technical skills and experience in software testing.
For the big and difficult software systems used in society nowadays, any expectation for ensured quality needs to be supported by testing beyond informal ad hoc testing.
That is why it is necessary to create the software systems, their operational environment, their users and usage scenarios, progression and templates; so that regular testing can be conducted to assure that these systems meet their clients' quality anticipations.

Test cases can be derived from these models and used methodically to identify and correct software bugs and to assure software quality. All these activities are carried out by individual software testers or testing groups

Software Developers

Nevertheless different other development personnel need to be involved in testing process as well. For instance, software bugs identified at the time of testing need to be fixed by the people who are answerable for the making of the product design or code. Consequently, developers whose code is under test also need to be involved in testing process.

It happens so that people may play the double role of developers and testers in the project, when they perform testing of their own code, such as in the unit or component testing sub-stages.
Nevertheless, professional software testers are characteristically employed to testing the integration of various elements and the general operation of the system in the integration, system, and acceptance testing sub-stages.

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  1. Very useful I aspire to become a software tester after university

    1. I did it without university I went straight into it form school after I did iseb istqb