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Monday, 4 February 2013

ISTQB Dumps, Exam Paper 44: ISEB ISTQB Foundation Software Testing

ISTQB Question Dumps For Software Testing -  Part  25

Write down any potential problems a fault log may have.
Potential issues:
  • No date on log as to when raised
  • No keywords (i.e. screen) so that searches can be performed preventing duplication of fault logs
  • No status of the log (opened/fixed/closed/cleared etc.)
  • No owner of the log.
  • Has priority – but no severity (i.e. risk to the customer)
  • No version number of the system being tested – it is very likely that the testers are on a different version to development and that it was a fault but has been inadvertently fixed on this latest software
  • Query the priority of this log
  • No actual error message on the log – this may give some clue to the developer about the nature of the fault
  • Response seems to be leading to a dialogue – if we are not careful this fault will never be fixed! Tester should talk to the developer rather than sending another message via the fault log.
  • The response by the developer points to another part of the system (security) – this may be an indication of developers trying to quickly close the issue without performing sufficient investigation. It could however be because the tester has not spent enough time documenting the problem.

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