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Friday, 10 May 2013

Will ISTQB Certification Help My Career?

Will ISTQB Certification Help My Career?

If you are a software tester, you ought to consider earning an ISTQB certification. ISTQB is an acronym that stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board. A certificate from this board is not necessarily a prerequisite to getting a software testing job, but it can definitely help open up some unique career opportunities both within the United States and abroad.

The ISTQB is an international body and its certifications are recognized around the world. A software tester that earns an ISTQB certification will come away from it with a higher level of software testing expertise. Companies around the world are starting to recognize this, and many will give preference to job applicants with ISTQB training. As there are literally millions of software testers globally, a person that wants to stand out from the rest should seriously consider earning this certification.

At present, ISTQB certifications consist of 2 levels: the Foundation level and the Advanced level. Candidates must start with the ISTQB Foundation level and work his or her way up from there. The Advanced level certification is comprised of 3 distinct modules and is available for those holding their Foundation level certification, and who also have at least five years of experience plus a Bachelors degree in IT, computer science or a similar field. The ISTQB Expert level certification will soon be available to those who have at least eight years of experience as well as one or more of the Advanced level certifications.

As was noted above, having an ISTQB certification is not a requirement for landing a job in software testing. It is possible to first get the job, and then work towards obtaining your ISTQB Foundation certification. Even if earning an ISTQB certification does not currently seem to be all that important, one should not brush it off completely. A person that is serious about developing his or her skills in the field of software testing should take advantage of all that the ISTQB has to offer. Although it does not absolutely guarantee career enhancement, it can clearly help anyone working in software testing to broaden his or her skills and learn new techniques. Such learning never goes to waste. The more competent and experienced a person becomes, the more opportunities will open up.

In the final analysis, the degree to which earning an ISTQB software testing certification brings with it career benefits is highly dependent on the person. In some cases, the benefits of earning this certification are obvious. In other cases, a person may feel that he or she is already well established and therefore does not need this accreditation. The one thing that is evident is that the ISTQB certification is well made and can help a professional at any level to enhance his or her software testing skills. Earning an ISTQB certification will also set a person apart from his or her peers and provide valuable knowledge that can open up unique doors of opportunity.

Author: David Fox
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  1. I just completed ISTQB ISEB and im getting job interviews for the first time in months.

    1. Thx think that is the motivation i needed to get started