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Monday, 10 June 2013

The Future of Software Testing

The Future of Software Testing

The future scene for work opportunities and career development are bright for the software testers and the industry.
The large services companies are already hiring students on campus and there seems to be an ever growing demand for those in software testing and mobile testing. An increasing number of students are seeking education from leading institutions like SQA Group to get complete and advanced education to become a successful SQA tester. Get access to leading QA Courses like ISTQB, QTP, JIRA as well as get to work on live projects here.

It is true that the generation that is going the change the way software is built and consequently change the way the world functions are these software testers. Those students passing out from colleges and universities as software testers are going to have a major role in how the software is going to get developed. Already there are any industries and companies looking for software testers, and analysts. As you must be aware, for any Software Solution and the Development process, Software Testing makes for an important part. Complex problem-solving activity with the help of a software in the ever evolving organizations of human interaction is almost getting a must. The two primary challenges will always be there, working with others and solving the real problem under strict quality assurance.

The testing might get done by a small group of people or a single individual depending on the size and complexity of the application. For highly specialized application, the domain experts like the scientists and the researchers are involved. Sometimes, when a company is new in the market and there are no rivals yet, the applications introduced might still be prototypes, without passing through a quality centre. The main purpose here is to test the market value of the application. The software testers take care of the see if the formal test framework are in place and the software undergoes complete testing prior to release to the customer or users.

The future of software development will rely more on the automation and defect tracking tools. There will be the intervention of human hand of course. There are going to be some dramatic change the way the software are going to be tested for quality. Thus we can see a higher demand but with some important changes in the testing profession. One can certainly look at the current scenario and make an attempt to predict what the future will be like. This will help us make some educated guesses on the future scenario related to software testing. We are all user of Facebook, Gmail, Bing and these have become an important part of our lives and are software services.

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  2. I agree we are already seeing a shift towards automation testing in the workplace.