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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Beyond ISEB ISTQB-BCS: Top 20 Software Testing Practical Tips For the Workplace.

Beyond ISEB ISTQB-BCS: Top 20 Software Testing Practical Tips For the Workplace.

I hope all testers will browse these software testing sensible practices. Browse all points rigorously and inspect to implement them in your day-to-day QA activities. Usually this can be often what I expect from this article; if you are doing not understand any QA apply, rise for lots of clarification in comments below. After all, you may learn of those testing practices by experience. But then why not attempt to learn of those things before making any mistake?

Since passing ISEB-ISTQB I've came across a variety of effective testing practices I learned from experience in the workplace:

1) Learn to analysis your results totally. Don't ignore the result. the last word take a glance at result might even be 'pass' or 'fail' but troubleshooting the inspiration reason behind 'fail' will lead you to the solution of the matter. Testers are revered if they not solely log the bugs but conjointly provide solutions.

2) Learn to maximize the QA coverage after you take a glance at any application. Though 100 computers take a glance at coverage will not be attainable still you may invariably attempt to reach near it.

3) To form positive most coverage breaks your application beneath take a glance at (AUT) into smaller helpful modules. Write take a glance at cases on such individual unit modules. Conjointly if attainable break these modules into smaller parts.

E.g.: Lets assume you have divided your internet website application in modules and 'accepting user information' is one of the modules. You'll break this 'User information' screen into smaller parts for writing take a glance at cases: parts like UI testing, security testing, helpful testing of the 'User information' kind etc. Apply all kind field kind and size tests, negative and validation take look arts on input fields and write all such take a look at cases for optimum coverage.

4) Whereas writing take a glance at cases, write take a glance at cases for supposed functionality first i.e. for valid conditions in step with desires. Then write some for invalid conditions. This could cowl expected additionally shocking behaviour of application beneath scrutiny.

5) assume positive. Begin testing the applying by intend of finding bugs/errors. Don't assume beforehand that there'll not be any bugs inside the applying. If you are taking a glance at the applying by intention of finding bugs you may undoubtedly succeed to go looking out those delicate bugs conjointly.

6) Write your take a glance at cases in demand analysis and elegance section itself. This way you may guarantee all the requirements are testable.

7) Produce your take a glance at cases out there to developers before coding. Don't keep your take a glance at cases with you waiting to induce final application unleash for testing, thinking simply} just can log lots of bugs. Let developers analyse your take a glance at cases totally to develop quality application. This could conjointly save the re-work time.

8) If attainable establish and cluster your take a glance at cases for regression testing. This could guarantee quick and effective manual regression testing.

9) Applications requiring vital response time need to be totally tested for performance. Performance testing is that the vital a district of many applications. In manual testing usually this can be often principally ignored 0.5 by testers owing to lack of required performance testing large data volume. Ascertain ways that within which to see your application for performance. If unimaginable to create take a glance at data manually then write some basic scripts to create take a glance at data for performance take a glance at or raise developers to jot down one for you.

10) Programmers mustn't take a glance at their own code. As mentioned in our previous post, basic unit testing of developed application need to be enough for developers to unleash the applying for testers. But you need to not force developers to unleash the merchandise for testing. Permit them to require their own time. Everyone from cause manger grasp when the module/update is released for testing which they're going to estimate the testing time accordingly. Usually this can be often a typical situation in agile project surroundings.

11) Transcend demand testing. Take a glance at application for what it isn't alleged to do.
12) Whereas doing regression testing use previous bug graph (Bug graph - form of bugs found against time for varied modules). This module-wise bug graph is also useful to predict the foremost probable bug a district of the applying.

13) Publish the new terms, concepts you learn whereas testing. Keep a text file open whereas testing an application. Publish the testing progress, observations in it. Uses these notepad observations whereas preparing final take a glance at unleash report. This sensible habit will assist you to produce the complete unambiguous take a glance at report and unleash details.

14) Over and over take a glance testers or developers produce changes in code base for application beneath take a look at. usually this can be} often required step in development or testing surroundings to avoid execution of live transaction processing like in banking comes. Publish all such code changes in hot water testing purpose and at the time of final unleash confirm you have removed of those changes from final shopper side deployment file resources.

15) Keep developers off from take a glance at surroundings. Usually this can be} often required step to detect any configuration changes missing in unleash or deployment document. Generally developers do some system or application configuration changes but forget to mention those in deployment steps. If developers haven't got access to require look surroundings they're going to not do any such changes accidentally on take a look at surroundings and these missing things is also captured at the proper place.

16) Its a sensible apply to involve testers right from software demand and elegance section. These strategies take a glance testers can get knowledge of application dependability resulting in detailed take a look at coverage. If you are not being asked to be a district of this development cycle then produce request to your lead or manager to involve your testing team in all decision making processes or conferences.

17) Testing teams need to share best testing practices, experience with totally different teams in their organization.

18) Increase your conversation with developers to know lots of concerning the merchandise. Whenever attainable produce face-to-face communication for resolving disputes quickly and to avoid any misunderstandings. But conjointly once you understand the need or resolve any dispute - confirm to talk an identical over written communication ways that within which like emails. Don't keep any issue verbal.

19) Don't run out of some time to do and do high priority testing tasks. Prioritize your testing work from high to low priority and organize your work accordingly. Analyse all associated risks to prioritize your work.

20) Write clear, descriptive, unambiguous bug report. Don't solely provide the bug symptoms but conjointly provide the impact of the bug and each one attainable answer. Don't forget testing is also a creative and troublesome task. Finally it depends on your ability and data, how you handle this challenge.

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