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Monday, 24 February 2014

7 Benefits to Automation Testing

7 Benefits to Automation Testing

 A constant increase is noted in the number of enterprises opting for automation testing. Each organization also has option to use a wide variety of tools and programs to effectuate its test planning, execution and analysis.

Further, software testing can be automated either partially or fully to reduce the human efforts and intervention. At the same time, innovative automation testing tools can be used to set up a test environment, input the test data, and gather test results. Unlike conventional and manual testing methods, the test automation tools are effective in testing large scale projects where a huge amount of information is processed quickly and repeatedly. If you are yet to automate your software testing, it is a good idea to understand how automation testing will get you enhanced productivity, efficiency and ROI.

5) Enhanced Coverage: The QA engineers often require more time to test each feature and functionality of an application manually. But the automation testing tools make it easier for them to test each feature and functionality of the application simply by creating a test suite. The test suite can also be customized according to the size and requirements of the project. So it becomes easier for an enterprise to enhance the testing coverage without investing any addition time and resources.

6) Reuse and Maintain Test Cases: Each enterprise has to invest initially in customized automation testing tools and programs. But the initial investment will help it in reusing and maintaining the automated test scripts in the long run. The automated test scripts can be used to evaluate the features and performance of different versions of the same application, regardless of the changes in the user interface. Also, the scripts can be standardized to incorporate the changes required to test applications of similar nature.

7) Essential for Agile Development: Many organizations are adopting agile development methods to boost productivity and efficiency. But many experts have highlighted how complete testing automation is essential for adopting agile development. Also, agile development intends to change the test objects constantly, enterprises must choose the right testing tools to evaluate the functionality of the current sprint. So automation of component and unit testing, along with system and integration testing is essential to avail the advantages of agile development.

However, an organization must make and implement a comprehensive strategy to avail the advantages of automation testing. The test automation strategy also needs to be monitored and evaluated constantly to achieve pre-set objectives without investing any extra time and effort. You can hire certified automation testers from top automation testing companies who have proven expertise of handling automation testing projects as well to save you on the time and costs. If you're studying for ISTQB we recommend ISTQB Dumps as automation testing comes up a lot in the exam.

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