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Thursday, 9 October 2014

What is Stress Testing?

What is Stress Testing?

At this point the peak load conditions are identified by the tester at which the particular program would simply tend to fail processing loads within the given time period. At this time most of the designers simply design all of the case scenarios in order to find out if the particular system meets all of the performance criteria. Tester simply tries to determine the capacity of the system that is tested.

Most of the stress test or even load test as it is known will only occur if the system has delivered enough of the application. So the earlier these tests are performed the earlier all the defects of the system can be stated and rectified. It certainly is very difficult to detect most of these defects as most of them would certainly require architectural changes which may not be possible in al of the cases. Most of these tests simply depend on the functional interface and it certainly would be wise enough to delay testing till you have a predefined level of reliability. So the stress testing software simply creates a balance between testing early and appropriate time to testing system.

A certain lack of load testing requirements may in fact be one of the most common errors during this test exercise. Most of the process is simply undertaken by the software to discover all of the testing results. It certainly does not provide most of the useful information. The software simply treats the stress testing and other testing efforts in the system. The organization simply performs verification and other coverage analysis. The software has a certain type of toolset that simply puts the particular system under a given load and measures its performance.

A number of companies have also developed their in-shop solutions to testing the capacity using various testing freeware, commercial products and shareware. So when implementing any of the stress testing software you need to take caution as you may easily fall into an engineering trap. Try to avoid this trap by ensuring that all of the solutions are met by the software and testing organizations. Most of the stress testing is simply performed against a number of different aspects of the system. There certainly may also exist a standalone application like the GUI, Batch and Transactional. The application certainly has a direct impact on the tooling, approach and skill set that is required at the time of stress testing.

It certainly is possible to test different aspects at once but it is always advisable to focus only on the testing effort of the software even if most of the other aspects are put under exercise at the time of testing. Try focusing on the ability of the interface and not on any of the other transactional aspects.

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